Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Room 109 - Sheffield allotments, Rivelin Valley

Love this door without walls- if you're ever passing though don't be tempted to knock - 
I had to run for my life!
Room 101 just round the corner is like a hoarders paradise.

Toilet humour / Painted toilet signs - Graves Park, Sheffield

Love these painted signs spotted in Graves Park, Sheffield recently. There's something very knowing about these colloquially scribed signs. 
The timing of this gag is a masterpiece. The signs are at opposite ends of the building therefore you don't see them simultaneously. Upon seeing the first sign 'Lasses' of course you have to walk around to see what the other signs reads as. Of course a few seconds later you are rewarded with the matching pair 'Lads & Lasses'. 
Reet Northern - Love this city!

The Black Cat's Skiffle Group, (circa 1958)

I'm looking forward to going to see Richard Hawley again soon. My mother recently gave me this photograph of my dad Jack,(with guitar) taken in 1958 whilst practicing with the skiffle group, 'The Black Cats'.The fourth member of the group is taking the photograph. His name was Dave Hawley -late father of Richard. Its taken in the back garden where they lived next to each other. I sent this to Richard a couple of years ago via his forum. He said that he had a corresponding photograph virtually the same only his photograph had been taken by my dad of the three other members. My dad died as a young man but always loved his guitar - its one of my first memories as a boy seeing him play and the guitar would always hang besides his bed - I guess a reminder of his earlier days and musical dreams.


'When Pig's Fly' wine label,(Just Design/South Africa)

Paradigm is the realisation of the wine-maker’s personal dream of creating his own wine, and the label design highlights his passion for wine and his truly unique approach to viticulture. He has attempted a maverick blend that sets a new standard, challenging wine convention. As such, a smart and witty label portrays that all is not always as it seems; that life (and wine) has hidden layers, duality and ambiguity.

Pitta Face street art

Took this photograph of a pityful pitta-face whilst walking to work. Would love to know the full story of the previous night's inspired drawing.

Titanic / Centenary Anniversary Poster- White Star Line

This year marked the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the White Star Lines flag ship Titanic.
I wanted to mark this occassion by producing a poster image. It was upon researching the White Star Line flag and rotating it through 90 degrees that I first saw the iceberg.
Upon striking the iceberg on the evening of 15th April 1912, 2224 passengers life's hung in the balance. In just 2 hours 40 minutes 1502 souls had perished.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Miro Exhibition - Private View / Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I attended this wonderful private view earlier in the year - the show is still on until 6th January 2013 and is well worth a visit.
My younger brother, (a dentist) has the director of the Sculpture Park as his Client and he had kindly invited him to the private view. Unfortunately he wasn't able to attend so asked if I would like to go in his stead. He didn't need to ask a second time.