Thursday, 16 August 2012

A visit to Naomi Games home

I haven't posted for some time - (going underground from time to time is something I need to do - after all the net can't beat real life interaction!) In other words, I could say I've been getting a real life recently.
And to prove it here are photographs of a trip made earlier in the year along with fellow illustrator and teaching partner Lee Ford to the home of Naomi Games, (daughter of celebrated Illustrator/Graphic Designer Abram Games).
We had been very kindly invited by Naomi to choose pieces of her late fathers work to form part of
a show that Lee curated earlier in the year entitled 'Working Drawings'. The exhibition detailing formative sketch and development stages of various artists works including drawings by Jill Calder, Roderick Mills, Ken Garland, Ed Fella, Abram Games, Alan Fletcher, Saul Steinberg, Jason Ford and  Simon Spillsbury.

Naomi was an excellent host and narrated us through folders and folders of drawings - many of which would have never been publicly been seen before. The anecdotal stories Naomi offered giving great insight to the motivation and creative forces of this 20th Century graphical genius.
Her son Theo, (an architectural student) all the while working on his latest project in the kitchen only breaking to see if we required more coffee.

A very memorable day.

To see more examples of Abram and Theo's work visit websites below:

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