Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Black Cat's Skiffle Group, (circa 1958)

I'm looking forward to going to see Richard Hawley again soon. My mother recently gave me this photograph of my dad Jack,(with guitar) taken in 1958 whilst practicing with the skiffle group, 'The Black Cats'.The fourth member of the group is taking the photograph. His name was Dave Hawley -late father of Richard. Its taken in the back garden where they lived next to each other. I sent this to Richard a couple of years ago via his forum. He said that he had a corresponding photograph virtually the same only his photograph had been taken by my dad of the three other members. My dad died as a young man but always loved his guitar - its one of my first memories as a boy seeing him play and the guitar would always hang besides his bed - I guess a reminder of his earlier days and musical dreams.


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